Personal Protective Equipment

At the heart of this pandemic are the healthcare providers putting in countless hours to help those directly affected by the virus. Setting themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis, they are at risk of becoming victims and vectors in the spread of the contagion. We’ve made it our priority to equip them with tools to keep them healthy, safe and highly functional. 


Using our expertise in the mass fabrication of multiple lines of products, we have rapidly adapted our supply chain and assembly line to develop, test, and produce equipment that will protect the medical staff on the front-line. 


PixMob’s Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) provided by Health Canada allows us to support Canadian institutions by providing face shields and surgical masks.

Face Shield


FaceShield protective visors are intended for medical personnel and first responders to the COVID-19 crisis. These visors made of plastic covers the entire face and are used for treatments requiring close contact with patients. They avoid any projection on the level of the eyes, the skin and the mouth, and limit the range of the hands to the face.

  • The foam padded area adds a more comfortable fit.

  • Adjustable drawstring to suit any size.

  • Designed for one-time use.

Download the data sheet

Surgical Mask


Surgical masks are key Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) worn by healthcare providers. Their purpose is to limit germ transmission by blocking any airborne particle larger than the size of a virus (0.1 micron).

Masks should be well adjusted to cover all airways for an optimal protection. As recommended by the World Health Organization, mask bearers should wash their hands before putting on the mask, avoid touching the mask when in use, and replace the mask when humid. 

  • FDA approved and CE marked.

  • One-size-fits-most with elastic strap.

  • Designed for one-time use.

Download the data sheet

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